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Boost Your Immunity Naturally With The Living Traditionally 30 Day, All Organic Dietary Supplement Program:
Nutrients, Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial Compounds All Work Together To Fortify And Optimize Your Immune System Safely & Naturally!

30 Days To A Stronger You, Get Ready To Face The World With Confidence!

The Living Traditionally 30 Day Immune Support & Optimization program consists of taking three different all natural, organic dietary supplements (no other specific diet change is needed, however, a healthy diet rich in organic meats, nuts, fruits & vegetables is always recommended).  Organic Moringa, Organic Wheatgrass and Organic Reishi Mushroom where chosen specifically for their proven safety (minimal to no drug interactions or allergies) & efficacy (in some cases centuries of proven results) at strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the body, reducing internal inflammation and controlling comorbitities and serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease & certain immune deficiencies. 


Here's What You Will Receive: 

Moringa Oleifera 

Moringa Oleifera Powder contains 92 different organic nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory properties, 18 amino acids and 9 essential amino acids!  

Moringa Oleifera is a large tree native to India that produces leaves and seeds that have been used for thousands of years for a variety of medical conditions.  Due to its vast nutritional profile, moringa powder was even crowned the National Institute Of Health's 2008 "Plant of the Year".   Moringa powder has high levels of vitamins C and B6, minerals like iron, magnesium plus strong antioxidants like beta-carotene and Quercetin.  It has a slightly earthy flavor that mixes will into most beverages/smoothies with minimal alteration to their flavor.   

Immune System Support:  Moringa contains a rare but powerful combination of immune supporting and disease fighting phytonutrients, flavonoids, phenolic acids and other antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular supportive properties.  In addition, due to it's high levels of iron, magnesium and other vitamins & minerals, moringa can help treat anemia and other nutritional deficiencies. 

From WebMD:
"The leaves have 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. It also has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids, which help your body heal and build muscle. It's also packed with antioxidants, substances that can protect cells from damage and may boost your immune system"…/health-benefits-moringa

Cardiovascular Health:  Morniga is truly a wonderful supplement for overall heart/vascular health!  Compounds such as chlorogenic acid, potassium and quercetin can help to control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and reduce internal inflammation (often associated with heart disease and even cancer).   Moringa is also very rich in heart healthy antioxidants. Additionally, researchers believe terpenoids from moringa may stimulate B cells and help the pancreas secrete more insulin, which can be really helpful for people with diabetes.


How To Take Moringa:  Mix 1 teaspoon (3-4 grams) of moringa powder with your favorite cold or room temperature beverage / smoothie. 1 to 2 times per day with or without food. 

Store in a cool, dark place and reseal bag to maintain freshness.

This products is free of sweeteners and all other additives!

This product is generally considered safe with no drug interactions.  Women pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor before starting this or any other dietary supplementary routine.


Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder 

Reishi Mushroom has been a staple in Eastern medicine for thousands of years for Immunity and Longevity!  

Reishi Mushroom is known as the "King of Mushrooms" due to it's amazing health benefits including lowering cholesterol, improving blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, protecting against certain cancers, etc!  This "adaptogenic" herb increases immunity, detoxification and helps your body "adapt" to both mental and physical stress due to disease or depression.  Reishi Mushroom is often brewed with tea or coffee but can also be added to soups, broths and smoothies.   

Immunity: Polysaccharides, plant-sterols, beta-glucans, amino-acids and other nutrients all contribute to Reishi's strong immune support properties.  It is a very effective anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent.  Reishi Mushroom can also strengthen and increase the count of white blood cells (which fight disease and infection inside the body).  Thousands of published articles and scientific studies support the use of Reishi for increase immune strength and longevity.  It is truly a miracle mushroom that can help protect you and your loved ones from disease!




How To Take:

Take 1/2 -1 teaspoon one or two times per day.  Reishi has a bitter taste and is best added to coffee, tea or sweetened beverages like cocoa beverages.  It can also be added to soups, broths, smoothies, etc.  

Safety: Daily use after one month should be evaluated.  After one month, either take a 1 week break or reduce intake to every other day.  

Possible side-affects are dryness of mouth/throat, upset stomach, diarrhea.

Due to it's ability to lower blood pressure and blood clotting, those with the following conditions should take caution with Reishi and consult a physician before taking:

People with: low blood pressure, pregnant or breastfeeding, bleeding disorders or about to have surgery. 


Organic Wheatgrass  Powder

Wheatgrass is a rich source of inorganic phytonutrients, chlorophyll, live enzymes and easily digestible vitamins & minerals! 

Wheatgrass is the ideal daily multi-vitamin for everyone...only this multi-vitamin is made from 100% naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (no man-made or synthetic binding ingredients/vitamins).  Plus, the added benefit of chlorophyll & live enzymes!  Good luck finding multi-vitamin at the pharmacy that can provide that!


Wheatgrass contains a large amount of easily digestible natural vitamins, minerals, compounds, enzymes & vital-nutrients to support your body's overall health, immunity strength, energy level and metabolism.  Not eating a diet consisting of a variety of organic fresh vegetables and fruits?  Taking 2 ounces of wheat grass is equivalent to 4 pounds of organic green vegetables! (of course we do not recommend taking 2 ounces of wheatgrass at once)!


How To Take Wheatgrass:

1 tablespoon (8g) once per day with water or other beverage/liquid.  Can also, be mixed with other supplements like Spirulina, Maca or Turmeric to make a perfect blend of super ingredients!


Taking Wheatgrass should be easy as you will should take this product daily as you would any multi-vitamin.  Adding Wheatgrass to a small amount of water (2-4 ounces) and shooting it (wheatgrass shots) is a popular way to take wheatgrass as it is easy to do daily and almost anywhere.  Wheatgrass can be added to basically any liquid, soup, sauce, beverage, smoothie, etc.  Never microwave wheatgrass or any nutritional supplement as it will destroy the nutritional value.

This products is free of sweeteners and all other additives!

This product is generally considered safe with no drug interactions.  Women pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor before starting this or any other dietary supplementary routine.




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    Everyone should be taking this!

    Posted by Mary Hill on May 6th 2021

    I cannot tell you enough how great these products are when taken together! I take the wheatgrass and moringa every morning and feel full of energy and I take the reishi at night with tea... I am loosing weight too so this is a big part of my new healthy life!

  • 5
    Improved my health

    Posted by Paulette B. on Feb 5th 2021

    I always got sick every winter until I started taking Living Traditionally Products daily!

Results from dietary supplements vary from user to user. Not all individuals will experience similar results and should be discontinued if any allergic or other reactions occur. Pregnant women and children should always contact a physician before taking any dietary supplements or other medications.